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HVAC Services in Homestead Ridge, FL

Tony Kelly HVAC Inc is the leading heating and A/C company serving Homestead Ridge and surrounding regions. Trusted, Reliable, and Affordable HVAC Services.

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Reliable HVAC Services in Homestead Ridge, FL

Heating and A/C Services You Can Trust

Reliable HVAC services can be hard to find and when you are investing in repairs or installations, you want to make sure the professionals you hire are industry experts. Tony Kelly HVCAC Inc. is the leading heating and A/C company in Homestead Ridge, FL. With decades of experience, our services are unmatched throughout the entire region. From simple repairs to complete installations, our team has the knowledge and expertise necessary to handle all of your HVAC needs. Our crew members are trained and certified to work on any HVAC system of any size and age. When your heater or A/C is acting up, we are the team to call. We always provide our customers with multiple service options, calling them the good, better, best scenarios. This ensures that our customers are taken care of but they get to choose which service and price works best for their situation. You can count of Tony Kelly HVAC Inc to handle all of your heating and A/C services in Homestead Ridge, FL.

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Getting a new HVAC system is a big investment and finding a reliable company to install your new unit. Tony Kelly HVAC Inc is the leading A/C and heating installation company serving Homestead Ridge. Our service technicians will help you pick the best HVAC unit for your specific space and needs. From start to finish we make sure the process is seamless. Bringing comfort to your home is our main priority and the reason we do what we do. Our professional team is dedicated to providing honest, high-quality HVAC installation services to every single client.



Simple repairs can help keep your HVAC system running at maximum efficiency for longer. Tony Kelly HVAC Inc. is known in Homestead Ridge as the best HVAC repair company in the region. Our technicians are able to diagnose issues quickly and offer multiple repair options to ensure your home stays comfortable at all times. While other HVAC companies in the region will try to upsell you on a new A/C unit, we make sure to make any and all repairs possible that make sense for your specific unit. HVAC units can act up after years of wear and tear, but quick repairs can make it possible to keep your unit running efficiently for years to come. If your HVAC system isn’t running correctly contact our team immediately for a diagnostic. We will do everything in our power to repair your A/C unit back to like-new conditions.



Annual HVAC maintenance is so important for the lifespan of your A/C and heater. Getting your A/C serviced during spring before the warm summer months and your heater serviced in fall before the cooler winter months can help prevent larger problems from occurring in the future. Annual maintenance is known for helping HVAC systems last longer and avoid problems that can become larger, costly issues in the future. Tony Kelly HVAC Inc. is the leading HVAC maintenance company in Homestead Ridge and can take care of your annual A/C and Heating services at an affordable rate and at the highest quality.



Geothermal heat pumps are not only an extremely comfortable way to cool and heat, but they also act as a green, efficient, cost-effective heating and cooling system. This is because it uses the free renewable energy that you can find in your backyard, rather than burning fossil fuels. Geothermal heat pumps operate for longer periods and at lower speeds, allowing your home to stay comfortable throughout the entire year. Whether you have done the research already or you are interested in a consultation to learn more about Geothermal heating and A/C options, the Tony Kelly team is your solution. From installations to repairs, our team can handle all of your Geothermal services at an affordable rate.

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When you work with Tony Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning, you can trust that you are working with professionals who are friendly, efficient, and entirely committed to you. We have gained a stellar reputation among our clients in Homestead Ridge and the surrounding areas since we first began in 2000. We strive to build lasting relationships with our clients and maintain 100% client satisfaction with each air conditioning and heating service provided. We offer a client satisfaction guarantee and will ensure that you are completely happy with your service each time. Call or text us now at 850-792-4488 to learn more about how Tony Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning can assist you.