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What Are the Signs my A/C is About to Break?

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In the heat of the Florida summer, your home’s air conditioning system is nothing short of a savior. But when your trusted A/C starts to act differently, you need to be prepared. It can be tricky to spot the symptoms of an A/C unit in distress, but here are eight tell-tale signs that your A/C might need repair or break completely.

1. A/C is No Longer Blowing Cold Air 

One of the most unmistakable signs of an ailing A/C unit is when it fails in its primary duty: cooling your house. If the air circulating in your rooms is not as cool as it used to be or, worse, it’s blowing out warm air, you might be dealing with an A/C problem. That is a strong sign you are in need of an air conditioning unit repair ASAP.

2. A/C is Barely Pushing Airflow 

Have you noticed a reduced strength in the airflow from your vents? This might indicate a problem with your system’s compressor. It’s particularly concerning if certain rooms in your home are not receiving the same amount of cold air as others. It is advised to contact a professional to check out and repair your AC unit as soon as possible, so your AC isn’t constantly running struggling to cool your home and strongly affecting your energy bill.

3. A/C Is Making Weird Noises

A healthy A/C unit runs smoothly with minimal noise. But if you start to hear sounds akin to a struggling orchestra – loud, sudden, or unusual noises like banging, buzzing, or screeching – it might be a cry for help from your A/C system. You will want to call in an AC repair sooner than later to not prolong further damage to your ac unit.

4. A/C Smells Bad

Air conditioning is meant to be a breath of fresh air in your house. But when you’re greeted by a foul or unusual smell, this might be a sign of burned-out insulation or even mold lurking in your ductwork or air conditioning system.

5. It’s Humid Inside My House

Beyond temperature control, your A/C system plays a vital role in maintaining comfortable humidity levels in your home. If it can’t keep up during a humid season or on rainy days, it might be time for an A/C check-up or ac repair from a professional contractor in your area.

6. A/C Keeps Turning On and Off 

Your A/C should have relatively consistent run cycles. But if it’s behaving more like a fidgety child, turning on and off incessantly, it’s likely a sign of a malfunction. Calling in to get a quick once over by a professional HVAC company can save you a lot of time and money.

7. Water Dripping From My A/C Unit

A small amount of condensation from your A/C unit is normal. But there could be trouble when you notice excessive water leakage around your unit. And it gets more serious when there’s a refrigerant leak, which usually accompanies reduced cooling. Your system could be frozen due to your system overworking itself. The leaking could be from the ice melting. If you suspect your unit is frozen over, it is still advised to call in a professional to unfreeze and fix any current issues relating to it.

8. My Energy Bill is Super High

If your energy bills are reaching new heights without a logical explanation, this might be a covert SOS from your A/C system. An overworking unit, due to malfunctions, often results in high energy consumption. Call in a repair from an HVAC contractor, if you observe any of these signs.

While minor issues can sometimes be fixed with a bit of DIY, many A/C problems require professional attention to prevent further damage. Keep these signs in mind to ensure your comfort isn’t compromised, and your A/C gets the timely care it needs.

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published on Thursday, July 20th, 2023